Monday, July 15, 2019

Another Heatwave is on the Way

Oppressive is the word.
However, today was beautiful and not too muggy.
Jenny arrived at 7am to pick up Ariana and driver her to the Buffalo Airport.
 It's going to take many hours to get from there to New York to Spain to Croatia.
 The pups and I went out to do chores a little early.

 Afterward we picked a few raspberries and noticed that the pole beans are going crazy!

 This afternoon Angel lost her mask, so we went out to find it.

At 6 I met Mary at the Library for a birthday party.

 We learned about William Seymour
 and Bill Hullfish's new book, which was based on the lyrics to songs...
many canal songs.




          Refreshments were served and everyone in the library was invited to partake.

Then, we listened to the music of Bill Hullfish and The Golden Eagle String Band.





 Back home around 7:30...

 and we had a late supper....leftover sauce and meatballs.
Night all.

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