Saturday, September 7, 2019

Morning 'til Night

An outrageous day.

 Finished chores and went down to the Peddler's Market...

 where Mary and I were there doing a little schmoozing.

 She bought a great old box.

 Jenny was out on a run and stopped in while we were there.
 They always have a big sale in the carriage house and I bought a whole bunch of
vases for peanuts.  We give a lot away with our flowers and I knew Gary would love them.

 After that I went over to the Baptist church rummage sale and bought 7 baskets
to put veggies in when we share them with friends.
I started mowing the lawn when I got back to the farm, and
 we had some surprise guests, who had just been down to the Bergen Market for pancakes.

 We sent them home with tomatoes and leeks.
 After they left I finished mowing the lawn
 and before I knew it, it was chore time.

 Grabbed a quick shower and at 7 we drove into Rochester
 for a Chris Wilson Concert at the Lyric Theater.  He was joined by Forrest O'Connor and Kate Lee (a Webster native), both Grammy winners....along with Geoffrey Saunders, a Grammy award winning bassist ( who received a degree from the Eastman School)

 What a fabulous venue.

 The place was packed and the audience loved every minute.
Here's a clip of one of their songs.
Just listen.
It was the formal release of their new CD
Now it is late.
Night all.

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