Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Fourth of July....Brockport Style

Bright, hot and muggy.

 Berlin's eye seemed pretty good this morning.
For good measure I put a cold compress on it and more ointment in it.
She wore her mask last night so she would not rub up against the hay
(which I had in bags instead of nets).
 I put on the fan, but it's was still going to be a hot day for the girls.

 I am starting to get used to Little Wonder's new haircut.
He looks so Terrier now.

 He also looks a lot more like his brother (Bug in the photo below).
Bug never grew long hair like Wonder, but they looked identical as puppies.

 At 9:30 I had to be down at the Morgan Manning House for their traditional
Fourth of July Celebration.

 Gary usually helps set things up and today he recruited Finn and Coop to assist.
I can't tell you how excited they were to get up at 7:15 so they could
go to the Diner with Grampa for breakfast first.
 For the past several years there has been a Children's Parade and many of the local politicos
march in it.  Usually, about 100 kids participate and they are all decked out in red, white and blue.

 We marched around one big block and ended up back at the Morgan Manning House.
 Since she has been President of the College, Heidi Macpherson has participated.
Such a great supporter of our community.  Loved her hat today.
 A friend, Dottie Humm, was waiting for us as we walked by her home.

 At the end of the parade all the kids were given gifts and treats.

 Dan Hawkins was the MC
 and first on the docket was the Community Chorus directed by Liz Banner.
Anyone can join this group, they just have to practice 3 times before the fourth.

The crowd was huge!
 Who appeared?  My friend Judy (from Florida) with her husband and sister!
Hope to see them before they go home.
 I went back to the farm a little early....

 as I had a lunch date with my friend Barb P., who used to board her horse here
many years ago.  We dined at The Farmer's Table in Hamlin and then went out
to the Lake so I could check out the high water situation.
 We parked at Carol and Topper's and 
 took a quick look around.
They had a huge break wall put in after all the flooding in 2017
and this year the high water has been back with a vengeance, flooding many properties.
When there is heavy wind and rain, the water blows right onto their lawn.
Most of the beach is gone.

 This baby bunny was in their yard.

 There is a pond behind their property which is extremely high, causing flooding from the South.
That neighborhood (along with many others) has taken quite a beating.
At one time they had carp swimming in their lawns.
This family of swans does not seem to mind.

 I vegged when we got home.
The inside of our house gave into the heat and humidity.
As the day went on, the temperature inside was flirting with 80.

 I complained enough and Gary put a window air conditioner in the bedroom.
We still have fans going in the other rooms and it has started to cool down.

I assume that if you are a dog owner you have tuned into the warnings about
dry dog foods lately.  It's hard to know what to do.  Tonight
 Little Wonder and Phoebe had green beans with their kibble.
 We had a salad
 and grilled corn on the cob.
 The neighbors are starting to blast away with fireworks.
There needs to be a law that they have to be the quiet version.
At 6pm tonight they started going off in a friend's neighborhood and their little
dog (smaller than Phoebe) was so scared she ran away and they could not find her.
After looking and looking they posted her photo on FaceBook and it was shared by
many.  She was found in less than an hour.  We have quite a network in this area.
Can't wait until this night is over.  Sounds like a war zone.
Night all.

Look at who was working hard at camp today!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing part of your 4th of July with me! Love LW's hair do! We had a very quiet 4th.


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