Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Time for a Fire in the Woodstove....

Pretty chilly this morning.

 Very windy too.

 After chores Little Wonder and Phoebe walked over to the Studio with me as I had
to turn the heat on before people arrived for a meeting.
All of a sudden Wonder tore off and treed this racoon!
Pretty amazing to watch.
I spent much of the day doing political business.
There has been a lot of excitement going on today as our Town Board meeting
(last night) was pretty different from the norm.  It was posted and there has
been an enormous amount of interest regarding the way Mary and I have been treated.
If you are interested in our political scene, check this out.
You will have to click on the link below.  This is just a copy of the video photo.
I am the third person to read a statement.

No more photos today.  Too busy.
Night all.


  1. What an interesting Board Meeting! I would have hoped that smaller town/city governments would be transparent unlike the DC Beltway.

  2. L.W. Is too funny. I can’t believe he tried that raccoon. Never a dull moment.


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