Thursday, August 10, 2017


Another long one.
 Good Morning sweet girl.....

 A beautiful day...
The girls watched me while I was mowing the lawn and around the pasture.

  I picked yellow beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cabbage after chores.
It's taking forever for the tomatoes to start producing.
Will we ever have enough to make sauce?
 Gary ran a few errands and took a break on the back porch.
That chaise is looking pretty comfortable.  Stephanie will be happy to know that it is being used.

 Gary shipped out some garlic yesterday and today....
more people are stopping in to buy some.
 He's got a good start on the chair he is painting for the library auction.
I have not even started on mine.
 The weather was just right for Summer Serenades tonight.

 Zak's Pak was on Deck and they sounded great.

 There were quite a few boats docked for the night.

 Mark Ketchum is in this band...
love the hat, not to mention the music!
 President Heidi was there with her freshly groomed pup.  She felt like silk.
 Susan (running for Town Board) was also there, meeting people and passing out T-shirts.

 Mary (my beautiful partner in crime) and Adam were on the scene.
 Just had to get this shot of the back of our shirts.
Too bad there was too much light!
Hopefully this will turn into an army at our next photo shoot.
 No one can say that we don't have fun supporting our community!

 Look at that "attitude."

 Linda Ketchum (below with Mary) played a huge part in getting Mary and me elected to the
Town Board.  She is one savy and very supportive person!!!

 I wish the sound was better on this...Meg is such a fine singer!
 Ironically, she sang at my friend Donna's son's wedding many years ago...
and we were there.

 Had to take photos to show David.

If you got to the end of this post, you deserve a medal.
Got carried away.
Night all.


  1. You surely have busy days and lots of good friends!

  2. Lori: you deserve a medal for all you do in the community! Thanks for supporting the band last night. Linda and Mark


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