Sunday, August 28, 2016

Too Many Days Over 90 and MUGGY!

Who wants to do anything outside when it gets like this?

 Karen rode right after chores and the humidity had already kicked in
 Little Wonder spent some time in his crate while we were in the barn.  Too much activity with the horses coming in and out of the pasture.
 When we got back in the house I threw in a load of laundry and made the mistake of sitting down.  Could hardly keep my eyes open and my buddy felt the same.

 I forced myself to get up and started a batch of sauce.
 It seems that I am constantly going in and out trying to get this boy potty trained.
 But!  I knew that going in and think it will be worth it.

 Sunday Jam today.
 Once again there were 13 of us.
 George H. showed up and was on a roll.  Loved everything he sang.

I could not fit all the sauce I made into the crock pot, so I put the remaining 3 cups on the stove and made a quick batch for tonight's dinner.
 Everything in the salad was from our garden.
 Carina's bread....
 and we were lovin' life.
 Chores at 7.  Still so hot.

We could not wait to get back in the house.
Night all.


  1. We have experienced our 3rd 100% foggy humid, muggly, ickly, day in a row. The heat wasn't as bad as being sticky!
    It is also beautiful in a way because the morning fog is thick and long as you are not driving in it!

  2. This weather really takes the heart out of you. Fall is just around the corner though...

    Good luck with your potty training! Ginger still has an accident now and then but we're almost there.

  3. Hi Lori, persevering with a pup's potty/house training always pays dividends. Love the sauce...


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