Monday, August 29, 2016

The Pause That Refreshes....

What an improvement!
Nice and cool this morning....no humidity.

 Little Wonder spent some time in his crate while I cleaned the stalls.  He wants to wander too far away and does not need to approach the horses.

 Jim Foote (Village Music/Sunday Jams) is a great carpenter/woodworker and he came to the farm this morning to install a door.
 Adam Rich found two French doors on the street and gave them to us.  This one sure makes the Studio look much better.  It should motivate Gary to finish painting the exterior.
 I have been spending many hours on Town Board stuff.  All about getting water to the southern part of the Town.  This drought has caused some serious problems for many.
How about that look!
 Phoebe's right eye started looking a little weird yesterday so I took her to see our favorite vet today.  She's going to need ointment in it 3 times a day for the next week, but should be ok.
Little Wonder went along for the ride and to get more experience out in the big world.
I tried to put his harness on and I could not even close it as he is growing!  I found a collar that was a little to big and off we went.  He sure did not know what that thing around his neck was all about.
Tonight I got him a harness two sizes bigger and now he has to grow into it!  If not, I will give it to Phoebe.
 A picnic dinner ..Zweigle hots and corn on the grill with some sliced tomatoes on the side.
Tasted just right to me.
 Gary spent much of the afternoon cleaning and packing about 80 pounds of garlic.
7 boxes altogether.

 Me and my buds are lovin' the cool down.  For most of the day it was very energizing.
Night all.


  1. Cooled off here too. I think that door looks great. Hope Phoebe 's eye heals quickly. Pups get big so fast it's hard to remember how tiny they were in the beginning.

  2. Peanut you better listen to boss Phoebe. Hope your eye feels better. Lily gets Doctor eye stuff and I get drugstore people GenTeal drops in my eyes daily
    Edward (& Lily)


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