Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Hottest, Muggiest Day Ever Since We Have Lived In Brockport

So soupy this morning.
Last night Gary left the kitchen windows open (he could not have watched the weather report) and we woke up to 81 degrees inside!  Not only that, it was as humid as a sauna.  Can't stand much more of this.  Our 1823 farmhouse knuckles under when it's this hot for such a long time.  Normally it feels like we have central air...which we do not have!  I've had two fans going out there all day long, but it only pushes the heat around.

 Gary spent all morning down at the Arts Festival as a volunteer.  He got home a little after 1:30 and right then we had some VERY HEAVY RAIN!  It even left standing water in the outdoor arena.
The temperature dropped about 10 degrees, but the kitchen was still more like hell's kitchen.  We opened the windows back up and the temperature went down about 3 degrees.
 Two days ago Gary installed a window air conditioner in our bedroom and it occurred to me that if I closed the French doors to the dining room I could keep the living room, library and bedroom at a more reasonable temperature.  At least half of the downstairs felt better.
In protest to the day, I spent the afternoon on our bed and watched the Olympics.
 Dinner was sloppy Joes, corn and leftover grilled pineapple.
 Phoebe and I went out to do chores a little before 7.
 (We did not get THAT much rain...the wheel barrow was next to a roof)

 First I took the masks off the girls so I could grab some pictures.
 The light was wild.

 Tucked them in and headed back to the fans.

In a couple days we could get more rain...maybe there will be some green in our future.

Night all.

Today we had our home visit to get approval for adopting "Little Wonder."
We passed the test and I can't wait until he can come to the farm.
I hope talking about it does not put the whammie on the process.
Such a cute boy.


  1. Ugh! I remember those hot, humid nights when I was a kid in Rochester. I'd lie, spread eagle on the bed thinking the whisper of moving air from the fan was cooling me, waiting to fall asleep.
    Keeping fingers crossed for you and Little Wonder!

  2. It's been so miserable here too I know what you're talking about! "They" said it felt like 108 by us with humidity and I believe that. Had a horrendous lightening and thunder storm last night with lots of rain for about an hour. I hope this ends soon. Enough! If I complain about cold this winter everybody has permission to slap me.

    Can't wait til you get 'little wonder' home. He's so adorable.

  3. Exciting about Little Wonder!! I don't think I realized Abbe's tail was so dark until I looked at these pictures - very pretty.

  4. I can sympathize with the heat, 96 with the heat index 110 today. They said down here in NC that it has been unusually hot. We are blessed though with central air, well that was until we got the bill yesterday and I about fell over. Oh well no eating for the rest of the month, lol. Can't wait to see pics of your newest family member.


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