Thursday, August 4, 2016

The First Annual Farm To Table Community Dinner - Main Street - Medina, New York

Several weeks ago I saw an announcement for an event that we did not want to miss.
It was to be presented by The Orleans Renaissance Group, Inc. and held on Main Street in Medina, New York.  A Farm To Table Community Dinner. 
Tonight was the night.  Perfect weather.  Perfect setting.

The table (on Main Street) was perfectly set for 137 people.

 The Chef for this occasion was Michael Zambito, who has drawn an audience from Buffalo to Rochester for years.  Zambistro is a small, spectacular restaurant that we have gone to many times.
 He and his staff are real pros.
 Even tho it was very hot (90s) earlier, we were in the shade of the buildings 
and there was a nice breeze.

 We were surrounded by gorgeous architecture.

 Proceeds were to benefit the Canal Village Farmers' Market, which is managed
by Gail Miller (to the left of Gary).

 Except for a newspaper reporter, we did not know one person.
 That was no problem.  Everyone was very friendly and we never stopped talking.

 Service was started at 7pm.

 There were beautiful baskets of bread and I did not get a shot before they passed me by.
 We had the pleasure of sitting with a group of 7 or 8 young people who grew up in this area.
Across from us....Jean and Laura.  He works in a bakery in France, they were married over there, and she (from Medina) is currently working towards her PhD.  Two very interesting "kids."

 By then, it was starting to get dark.

 We sat next to the couple who created the dessert wine and their business,
810 Meadworks, is located right in Medina.

Kudos to all those who contributed in some way to the first of many more dinners to come.
Every single course was off the charts and we already signed up for next year.
We need to do this in Brockport!


  1. Sounds and looks great ! I agree...we have to do this in Brockport.

  2. What a fun dinner. I love reading about the rich cultural events that happen in your area and wonder why we don't have them here? Perhaps I need to pay more attention to what's happening in my local world along the central coast of California?

  3. Wonderful job covering this! My fiance and I'm moving back to our hometown, Medina, in 8 days. We have a blog in the Washington, DC area that we're bringing back WNY with us, and hopefully we can share your articles in the future (we have a Friday Minutes post that we try to promote blogs in). Believe it or not she's a former teacher, who loves horses, and will be returning to her farm. (our blog is


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