Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another Full Day

It has been very comfortable during the past few mornings, as the temperature has gone down to the 60s at night.  So much nicer.
 This is the first day in ages, that the sky has been interesting when it was chore time.
 Now, it will steadily get more beautiful.

 After chores I did a few things around the house and at 10:30, picked up Judy and we went over to Tina's for a swim.
When we got there, she was having a driving lesson with Sandman so I did a little photo shoot before jumping in the pool.
 He is such a good boy.

 On their way back to the barn, they took a little trip through the woods.

 I could take pictures of Sandman all day long.
 I got in about 75 minutes of pool time.
 Karen went to a concert tonight so I had chore duty.
 Tucked the girls in a little early.
 A few weeks ago Gary picked up some tickets for a baseball game at Frontier Field.
We were part of a group of 49.

 Several years ago there was a big movement in Rochester to have artists paint life size fiberglass horses that were placed all over the city.  Our friend Bill Stewart (you have seen his sculpture all over our gardens and in the house) participated and chose to cover his horse with baseball gloves (one of them is Gary's).
It is still in good shape and on display at Frontier Field.

 Such a clever idea!
 I am very impressed with this stadium.  So well taken care of.
 Before the game we were treated to a buffet....Zwiegle hots, pulled pork, ribs, beans, coleslaw and watermelon.  Picnic fare.
 When it was time for the "Star Spangled Banner," we looked down on the field and
were surprised to see Julie D. and Kelly performing.  For years they have been
performing at Summer Serenades with Julie's Band...".High Maintenance."
 They have done this once every season for the past 10 years.
So good to see them.

 All kinds of Kiwanis members were there along with their friends.

 The photo below reminds me of one of Helen Smagorinsky's paintings.

Perfect weather (nice breeze), a great game and a very nice crowd.
Night all.


  1. Sandman is very handsome. Looks like a nice stadium and I love the gloved horse. Very inventive.

  2. What a fun day! Sandman is just adorable, and I totally see why you enjoy photographing him. Sure looks like a good cart pony too. What are Zwiegel hots? Baseball is such an American summer treat!


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