Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Very Nice Day!

 Gooooood morning!

 It was very hazy when we went out to the barn.
 Little Wonder loves to run under the hay when I am shaking it out in the paddock, and gets covered with it.
 I think he is officially a farm dog.

 We are still working on getting the ground bees under control and avoid them every time we go outside for potty breaks.
This afternoon we took a short nap.
 Sunshine, laundry on the line, beautiful weather and got the lawn mown.
Now that we've had rain it is growing like crazy.
 Our back porch is looking like a summer kitchen.
 Today's bounty.  I need to make more sauce tomorrow.

 These two are developing a good relationship.

Tonight we were invited over to the Finks for their son Andrew's 8th Annual BBQ.  He lives in New York City and comes home to do this every August.  Most of the guests are his age, but a few of us oldies get invited.  What a great time.  And a perfect birthday dinner. 
We sat with Miles and Michelle.  Do you recognize them from all the times they have been in my posts.  Their daughter Ronnie just performed in Brockport this past week and we brought you along.
 Dinosaur BBQ - great tastes!

 This is our host, and his girlfriend Michelle.
 Jenny and Scott were in charge of getting a fire organized and started.
Very mesmerizing.

 Alicia came up with a very unique plan for dessert this year!
She hired Luigi's food truck to come over and serve ice cream.
These were the flavor choices and toppings.

 I had vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and nuts.

 Alicia presented me with a birthday cake....and there was singing!

It was a perfect way to finish the day.
Night all.


  1. Little Wonder is getting very confident around the place these days, lovely to see.

  2. Little Wonder is definitely a farm dog. Looks like he fits right in.

    Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a fun party.

  3. Puppy!! I haven't been on here in so long. Little Wonder is darling. Happy birthday!!


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