Monday, March 4, 2013

Still Waiting....

I don't think it was even 20 degrees this morning.  Last night they said we would be in the 30s....what the heck. We are running 10+ degrees below average...should be closer to 40.
 It's so nice having Lorrie here in the mornings.  We are really making progress with Moon.

 Today we took her over to the indoor so she could run around in some better footing.  She is pretty good at free lounging....listened very well.

 After we left the arena, Abbe came over to see what she had missed.

Finally got  back to Agape.  Felt better than I expected...21 1/2 minutes on the elliptical along with all the other stuff.  If I could just start to melt.
 Had a 2pm meeting here regarding the May 3rd Stone Soup Auction.  Our goal is to get a mural painted on a building in the village about the construction of the Erie Canal.

Gary watched Finn and Coop...
I had chore duty.

 Once again I set up the stalls and put the girls in.
 Moon was very patient.

When I let her out of the run-in she trotted straight over to her stall.  Last night I took a video of her exploring the paddock and it would not upload.  Don't know why.

 There she is.....

Jenny picked me up at 5:45 and we met Gary and the boys down at the Stoneyard for "wing night."
10 wings for $2.50.  Once again, I forgot to take pictures.  This is all that was left when I remembered and we had had our fill.

 Brockport after dark.....

Meanwhile in other parts of the world....
 One of our local young men won the Junior Iditarod.

And out in California, my friend Terry (who I really miss since she moved) sent me a couple of shots with her girls...Gidget and Angel.
 They are living the good life.
 Don't forget to turn your clocks forward this weekend (doesn't it seem early?).  It was still light here at  6:15  wait 'til next Monday!
Night all.


  1. Love looking at your horse pictures. Your place is so well designed, with horse management in mind.
    I'm sure it will warm up soon :)

  2. Still too cold here too. We're 11 now, but should warm to 40 tomorrow. Looking forward to that, but not the 30mph winds. Thanks for the heads-up on DST. I thought it came later in the year.

  3. I'm loving the shots of Moon. She's almost as photogenic as Abbe! Its cooling off here -- storms on the way - chance of snow this weekend (I'm not counting on that).

  4. Well we are bracing for a storm.
    I hope Moon continues on her upbeat progress!

    Warmer weather and spring will certainly be appreciated this year!

  5. Moon Is A Cutie Pony!! Seems They Are Very Quiet Around Each Other.

    Burr! That's Child Stuff Still There. We Had Such A Day Today...Almost 55 Degrees. I Wore a T! The Horse's Were So Dosy, I Didn't Have The Heart To Ride.

    Nice To See Your Friend And Her 2 Horses.

    Good Morning!

  6. Hope you are hunkered in for your weather coming. Moon looks very calm and happy! Yes the clock thing seems early, and I was just getting used to seeing daylight on the way to work. Sigh....

  7. Moon is so pretty! Love the night shots of town. What an accomplishment for the young man that won the Junior Iditarod!!!

  8. To give you an idea of our food prices.... "wing night" at a local BBQ place here in town is $1.25 per wing.... $12.50 to your $2.50 for the special. Crazy, huh?!

    You're doing awesome at the gym! Keep it up!

  9. Moon is adorable. Glad she's starting to fit in. This weather is so crazy, no wonder everyone is sick. Today it was near 50 and tomorrow it might snow. The rest of the week is rain and snow. This is getting old. Cute pictures of your friend and her horses.

  10. the time change -- oh YAY -- thanks for reminding me!


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