Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Moon's farrier came this morning....Lorrie got her ready.

Smooth sailing at chorus.
 When we were finished I filled my car up with gas and drove through the village on the way home.
 Looking forward to the Canal being filled up with water for the new season.
Pretty quiet on Main Street.
Gary went straight from chorus to a painting job to Jenny's.  The boys joined us at the farm for dinner.

 Naturally, it was snowing when I went out to do evening chores.

 Moon is loving Gary!

 I drove to Bergen to pick up a pizza....
 from Ralph and Rosie's.  The boys (and we) love it (sweet sauce).

 The sky changed several times on the way home during my 6 minute ride (6:30ish).

 Of course the pizza disappeared...gigunda appetites tonight.

Rest time.
Night all.

We are supposed to stay above freezing for a week.  Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lori, I truly thought by the time we came home, your spring would be in full bloom.. but more snow??Your new horse looks lovely, a real sweety, and Gary obviously is a favourite too. Cheers from Jean.

  2. Love the photo of Moon and Gary.
    The snow? Ugh.

  3. Snow the first day of spring? That's just wrong! Our farrier came today as well. Funny how Moon likes Gary so much. Its interesting to see how relationships develop. Mufasa is 100% Brett's horse and still not sure about me.

  4. Moon is fitting in nicely. Those are the luckiest boys to spend time with you. Hug B

  5. Sounds like a good day despite the cold - we're very cold too - it's about 10F this morning but we're supposed to make it up to 30. But no 40s through the whole next week . . .

  6. You certainly seem to be getting more than your fair share of Snow! brrr. Looks like Moon is settling in nicely, what a sweetie :)

  7. Any carrots for the horses?

  8. Brrrrr. Spring has to arrive sometime!

  9. 5 degrees here this morning.
    Can we please have spring?

    Moon looks like she is doing so well, will you be riding her?

  10. Yup, I think Moon is in love! :)

  11. Pretty skies! I love how your horses always look so cozy warm and happy regardless of your weather. Makes me smile...
    Unusual combination there; pizza, subs and mexican food. :)
    Interesting with all the moisture you've had, how very brown the landscape looks. You must have warm weather grasses?? We are wet, lush and green. Spring has definitely sprung here, although the last 2 days it's raining again, a bit windy and colder. We were 49 this morning after being in the low 60's for almost 2 weeks. Such is March!


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