Sunday, June 24, 2012


 This morning I went out to do chores and let Gary sleep in a little.
 I left some of the mucking out for him as I can't handle a heavy wheel barrow yet.

 At 8:30 I called Helen (from Scotland visiting her sister Andrea) out at Glen Darach Farm to see if she and her Mum wanted to go to the farm market with us.
 She and Gary waited patiently as I caught up with Andrea.

 Took a couple of pictures of the sisters together.
 Joan (Helen and Andrea's Mum) stayed home and we were off to the village.
 First stop was Java Junction as we saw Judy and Sally sitting near the window.

 We joined them for tea, scones and chatter.

Walked across the street to the Market so Helen could pick up some fresh produce....
Of course, I had to get some donuts.

 Woody was providing entertainment with one of his pals.

 Jenny joined us for a short time.

 We stopped a A Different Path Gallery for a look see....

 My first chance to see the current show.

 We are so lucky to have something like this in our village.

 After Helen bought everything she wanted, we went back to the farm...
 where we loaded her up with spinach, rhubarb, peas and herbs.

 Gary drove Helen back to Glen Darach and had duty at the Welcome Center (Erie Canal).
 I made a banana cream pie for dinner and watched a movie while I iced my knee.
 Jenny and the 4 grandkids arrived around 4:30. 
 Daniela and I went across the street to get some eggs.
 Of course we had to say hello to Dancer and Harley.

 Paula's pups were on duty.
 The view of our house from hers.
 She has a nice garden and some berries.
 Meanwhile back at the ranch....
 Chef Ariana was making chicken helen for dinner.  Her debut!
 We ate at 6pm and all were hungry.

 The chicken, roasted potatoes, a romaine salad with ranch dressing and grilled bread were a hit.

 Everyone but the Coop wanted dessert.

 Jenny and Daniela took care of horse chores.

Once again, I was on my feet for a longgggg time. Every day is getting better tho.
Night all.


  1. Sounds like the knee is doing great Lori. Beautiful pictures.

  2. That banana cream pie looks delich! My mouth is watering. Yes, Bella is tied to the high line when we are gone. When we are home, we only tie her if she jumps out and wanders down the road. I went to the grocery store with Brett today and it wiped me out. I guess I'm not all the way there yet.

  3. I'm so glad that you are doing wonderfully...things are going well then!

    Hugs to you!


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