Wednesday, October 3, 2018

More of the Same....

Cool, dark and muddy.

 After chores I went to the bank and Wegmans.
I sure did not do much after that, until 2pm when Carina (our favorite bread maker) arrived for an art lesson (birthday gift from her Mom).
She is starting a journal that will be a combination of paintings and whatever meets her fancy.  She brought along some watercolors in tubes and we talked about color mixing and got her started on a painting of a Praying Mantis.
Working with her is an absolute pleasure!
She is not doing a drawing first....started right off with a brush.

 Steve and his son worked on the back of the indoor for several hours and
I did not get out there until they had left.  It's coming along.

 Dinner was an instant replay, and boy was it good!
 I sure am loving that chutney....

 Finally, around 5, the sun appeared.
 We are going to need a lot more to dry up the outdoor arena.
Night all.


  1. We had so much rain too. One of the rings is full of puddles.This morning a lot of fog. But the sun finally made an appearance later on. The indoor looks great so far.

  2. On our ridge there is water slowly moving through the grasses and heading towards lower ground..squish, squish is how it is in the meadow. With this rain all farming has been halted again.


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