Wednesday, October 17, 2018

 A lot of drama in the sky this morning.

 It was definately a warning about the rest of the day.
 Fortunately Karen put the rest of the plexiglass windows in the barn last night.
Gary had already done Berlin's as they were big.
It's a good thing....very cold this morning.

 It could be the last day for these blossoms as we might get a little snow tonight.

 I was all set to spend the day in PJs when I remembered that there was a Health Fair going on down at the Community Center.  I arrived around 12:30 and things were pretty quiet (most of the people attended between 10 and 12 as they were involved with activities there).
 I did have the opportunity to chat with three of the vendors.
Strong West took over our local hospital several years ago and our community 
has benefited in a very big way.
 Oak Orchard Health was represented (Gary is on the Board of Directors).
They provide medical, dental and vision services to a very broad area.
My partner in crime on the Town Board is the Manager of the Dental Department.

 One of the vendors will be presenting a free "Healthy Living" work shop 
from January 16th - March 6th.
Her display was a reality check.
These containers demonstrated how much fat, salt and sugar are in
various foods and beverages.  And that doesn't count what's in everything else we eat all day long.  Most of us are totally unaware of what we consume.

 You could help yourself to apples and bottled water.  A nice touch.
 The Seniors produce all kinds of items that are sold at the Community Center
every day.  I especially loved the fabric in this placemat.

 On Tuesday, a new business opened in Brockport.
The first 50 people received a years worth of chicken and those who were serious about taking advantage of this offer started lining up at 5:30am for the 10am opening.
The lines have been non-stop.
So, on my way home I decided to see if things had settled down....and they had not.
Cars were still lining up on the road to turn into the parking lot.
 It was raining and they had two employees passing out menus for the drive thru
so you would be prepared when you got there.

Of course they were all wet.
 I have not been to a KFC in decades, but wanted to see what they had to offer.
(I was at the Town Hall when the architects stopped in before everything 
got started, so I was curious).
 I must say they were very well organized and the line moved quickly.
 I have a feeling the other fast food restaurants have noticed a difference in business. 
 I ordered a sandwich and wedges with a side of coleslaw to see what it was like.
Could not even think about chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits etc.
The college students are going to keep this place jumpin'.
 All day long we had rain/sun/rain/sun and very heavy winds.
The dentist was here for Maggie and Angel.

Go figure!  We actually had some good light before it rained for the tenth time.
 I actually made a real dinner tonight, starting with fried red cabbage
with onions and carrots.

 We also had boneless pork,
 homemade applesauce,
 and mashed potatoes.
Tasted good, but I am really not back in my foodie groove.
Night all.
Hopefully I will just veg tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful skyline this morning. Cold here too but no snow in sight just a few showers on and off. Maybe you could rest tomorrow?

  2. You had a busy day. The community centre Health fair looked interesting.


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