Friday, December 12, 2014

When You Need the Honey Dipper, It's Bad News

Well, we started the morning off with a bang.
Gary took a shower (upstairs) and when the water drained it sounded like there was a big air bubble in the downstairs shower.  Beautiful!  The septic tank was backing up and boy did it STINK!  Not only that, there was a pipe leaking in the basement.  
Two phone calls were made before 8am.  One to the septic man and one to a plumber.
Karen got here at 7:30 and I went out a little later than usual.  Wanted to clean out the shower first.
 When the Honey Dipper arrived, the horses were very curious.

 Much to our surprise (after living here for over 30 years) we discovered that we had not one, but two septic tanks.  Now both our cleaned out and the pipe no longer leaks.  I'm so glad everything has been taken care of.  Yuck!

At 2 pm I went down to the Morgan Manning House for a Christmas meeting of the History Club.

 We had tea, crumpets and entertainment.
 The sun started going down when I left and the light was quite dramatic.

 Got home just in time to change my clothes and tuck the girls in.

 A salad with pears and apples....
 Baked beans and organic hot dogs.
Simple and easy.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Was the issue a full septic tank? Are both for the house? We had two down at Aspen Meadows but one was for the house and one was for the barn. Just one here and we had it emptied before we moved in. Septic -- one of my least favorite things. At least you provided the ponies with entertainment. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Never heard it called that before. Too funny. Very pretty there. Glad it smells nice now too ;-). How's Gary liking the snow blower?

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm glad that what started out as "complicated" ended simply with a good meal. We both know that sometimes it doesn't, especially when a septic is involved.

Hope today has been an enjoyable one!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

The Honey Dipper broke up the boredom for the horses at least! Hate septic trouble too.

Beautiful pictures.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

We are having plumbing issues ourselves today. Thankfully no septic involvement - yet.

Val Ewing said...

We have to have our 'Honey Dipper' come and inspect every other year and pump the tank per county ordinance. At work the tank has to be 'dipped' every 31 days on the spot. We guards draw straw to see who gets to escort the 'Head Dipper' and stand with him while he pumps.
This made me chuckle, thank you!