Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Improvement!

Having irregular (if any) sleep for a week is having quite an impact on me!  I don't think it's possible to cough more times in a day...not to mention having an achier body and 0 energy.  It's not only a pain in the butt, it's a pain all over!  After hearing from some of by pals, it sounds like this cold runs from Maine to California....along with a stop at Stephen Andrew's in Ohio.

However, there was a beautiful sunrise this morning.

 After chores it was the same old, same old.
Had a fire going, drank a variety of liquids, took meds, ate weird things, read, grabbed a very hot shower (which makes me feel like a wet noodle), kept coughing, tried to nap... blah, blah, blah.
 and Gucci were trying to keep me company (they were doing imitations).
 Chores at 5.  23 degrees and getting colder tonight.
Got the girls tucked in and was in no mood for a real dinner.  Had a sandwich.
So when is this going to turn around for real?
Night all.

Here is one of the pieces that will be in the Skoog Farm Workshop Exhibition.
It is a self portrait of Amy H. done in oils.  She was a student of mine for years and is now taking classes at the college.  Every year I love to invite friends to participate so they have a chance to be seen.


Val Ewing said...

Oh my I sure hope that you get to feeling better soon. I heard this was a bad cold or flu to get.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

A couple of my friends are referring to this as the never-ending cold. It sounds truly miserable. I hope you (finally) feel better soon!

Stephen Andrew said...

Lori, I'd say it's time to break into some of that good Kentucky bourbon Sara and Saint Tim brought you. I made myself a hot toddy tonight and it does give you a little break in the congestion and cough! And I think you'll sleep better! Haha. Mine aren't truly hot toddies as I use orange juice, no honey, and grate a little nutmeg in but close enough.
Hoping you wake up tomorrow on the mend!

Grey Horse Matters said...

A hot toddy sounds like a good idea. Feel better soon.

C-ingspots said...

Well, who can argue with such sage advice? Enjoy that hot toddy and just rest...remember, that this too shall pass. I promise! Here's to feeling better in the new year.

Nea said...

As they say here "krya pa dig".
Hot toddy sounds good.
Happy New Year to you all.