Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Monday, December 8, 2014

Agape Here I Come

 I sure appreciated the morning sky.

 Yesterday the sun was shining through the kitchen windows too.

 Not so cold, but the paddock was still frozen and hard on the feet.  Pretty soon the whole thing will be covered with old hay.  The weatherman has already put out a storm warning for the area starting on Tuesday and going until Thursday.  Jean, from New Zealand, will be happy to know that we bought a snow blower.  Our Christmas presents to each other.

 I have made a decision.  Going to Agape 2 or 3 times a week, starting today.
Don't see trike rides in my immediate future and I have to do something.
Today I did the usual.  The bike, the elliptical and the treadmill.  Did more than I thought, seeing that I have been avoiding this place.  Managed 20 minutes on the elliptical...didn't think I could last that long.
 Had a 1pm meeting at The Center, and when I got back to the farm I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
Chores just before dark.  Are these girls spoiled or what?  They get soaked beet pulp, an apple and part of a carrot with their grain. 
 As per usual, we had a nice fire going
and Gucci was absorbing the heat.
 Jenny stopped for dinner on her way home from work as Finn and Coop were on their way back to town from a short trip to Virginia.
 It was just right and we were all hungry.

Now, I am off to do nothing!
Night all.


Nancy J said...

A snow blower!!! What a great combined gift, well done, I'm waiting to see a video of the contraption... sorry...machine.. working. Maybe, just maybe, you will get enough snow to use it lots this winter. Down here Hugh has his present, a so comfy, very expensive. Lazy-Boy-Chair, and I'm hoping that when he wakes with pain, he will shuffle off to the lounge, and I will stay sleeping gently!!! Photos to come, And, as always, super sky, horses, lovely wee tree and the yummy food, Greetings to all, Jean.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Gorgeous. We have been having some nutty beautiful sunsets too
Lily & Edward

Oak Creek Ranch said...

We had the same dinner here tonight. There is a big storm coming in on Thursday -- it is supposed to be the largest storm to hit the area in six years. gulp.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Gorgeous skies. Nothing here but rain and more rain and wind. Glad you got a snow blower, it does make things so much easier. Let's hope you don't have to use it much. Had the same dinner here too. Great minds think alike!

Sharon Creech said...

Purty light -- and get ready, here comes the snow/rain (rain here on the coast) . . . Fortunately you have a very cozy fire ready and good food, too . . . xx

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I just caught up on the last few posts and I have to say that you always do such an amazing job of capturing light in your pictures. Not just your sunrises and sunsets, but all of your pictures. Wow.

And I still plan to invite myself over for one of your scrumptious meals if I am in your neck of the woods. :)

Lori Skoog said...

Melissa, you have an open invitation to dinner...whenever you are in our neck of the woods!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I want to live at your house. Especially since you have a snow blower now :-D.