Sunday, December 7, 2014


 Very crispy this morning.
 I don't think the girls appreciated the footing, so we took a lot of the old hay from under the overhang and spread it in the paddock.
 At least the sun was out.

 Lesson learned today.  I wanted to make a raspberry tart from our frozen berries....which I defrosted.  Too many...too runny...a disaster.  The whole thing spread out and ran together.  You don't want to see the after picture.  From now on, raspberry shortcake.
 Spent the afternoon next to the fire with my book.  Even took a nap.
Managed to put a dinner together and went out to do chores.

 Everything tasted great.  Chicken breasts with caramelized onions and carrots, baked potatoes and salad.
 I need to start concentrating on some picture taking!
Night all.


Michelle said...

Supper looks good!

Buttons Thoughts said...

LOVE your header. HUG B

Stephen Andrew said...

Have you tried making a tart without thawing the raspberries first? I always put my pies in the oven with frozen fruit fillings. The crust puffs and is sealed before the fruit thaws and gets juice everywhere.

Auntie Reg said...

Love your header! I suggest using tapioca flour and maybe precook the filling.