Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Getting Busy....

 Last night when I went out to do chores it was almost dark and the moon was brilliant.  This morning it was nothin' but grey, windy and freezing.

This little girl gave me a big scare.  She kept stretching her neck out and lifted up her top lip (do you know what I mean?) over and over.  When she stopped doing that, she hung her head and stood there...did not eat her grain.  Took her temperature and it was normal.  Made sure there was nothing stuck in her throat, massaged it and turned her out with the rest of the girls.  She followed them to the pasture and started eating grass.  That was a good sign.  I did not have any bran, but did soak some of Abbe's pellets in warm water, walked out to the pasture and offered it to her.  She ate every bite.
 That was encouraging, so I went back to the barn and cleaned stalls.

 By the time I was done, she and Berlin had come back to the front paddock and both were eating hay.  Another good sign, so I went back in the house and got ready for my class.
 That Shamra is dazzling me with her drawings.

Tina brought in a calender she had made through iphoto.
 Her photographs were beautiful.

 Len was working on another oil painting.  Here is what it looked like when he arrived.

 And here is what it looked like at the end of class.  Still in progress.  Can't wait to see it finished.
 Shamra finished he pointilism of the deer...
 and Sandy continued to work on her team of horses.

 Tina has started adding color to her Tiger and cub.
 Lais is still working on one of her sculptures.

 We had some good laughs today.

As soon as they left I took a quick shower and got ready to leave for a chorus concert.  This afternoon we were at the Villages in Albion.
We have a new accompanist, and she did a great job.

 Here are some of the things I brought along to use with different songs.
 The audience and I loved the same piece....a medley of 4 songs with a lot of Cripple Creek in it...real country music and I played the wash board.
 We have a rehearsal and two more performances tomorrow.
When we got back to the farm, Gary left to watch Finn and Coop.  I started a fire and ended up doing chores early.  The weather got even uglier. 
By the time I headed back to the house, the stones in the driveway were like glazed marbles.
 Nice, simple dinner and boy, did it taste good.
 Coleslaw, roasted potatoes and veggie burgers with onions.
Now I really need to get back to the fire.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Horses -- always giving us a scare about something! Glad she's okay.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Another busy day. You have some very talented students. Glad your girl was alright. It's this crazy weather I think that affects them.

Val Ewing said...

Love the art class work! That is fantastic, love the pointillism of the deer!
The moon was beautiful last night.
Another clear night tonight!

Two French Bulldogs said...

All we have here are brilliant rain drops making our feets wet
Lily & Edward