Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fine Dining

 It was raining this morning so we fed the girls breakfast in the indoor.

 By the time we finished cleaning the stalls it was not too bad, so we gave them back the run of the place.

 At 12:30 I went on duty at the Morgan Manning house for the second day of the Candlelight Christmas sale.  Not quite as busy as yesterday.
 Here are two different artist's interpretations of the grounds.
 Home around 3:30 and Pam K. was out there taking more manure down to the gardens (tree surrounds) in the village.  28 people have sponsored them and she just finished planting 1000 tulip bulbs that were donated ... Main Street is going to look spectacular in the spring.
 Here's a little Charlie Brown christmas tree I picked up at the sale.  Perfect for the kitchen table.
 Tonight....dinner with Judy and Sally.  My job was to make potato pancakes, so I did that before I went out to do chores.
 Got the girls tucked in and we left for Brockport by 6:20.
 Picked up Sally on the way, and Judy was ready for us.
 Gary thought he would break open our latest bottle of hooch given to us by thecrazysheeplady and Saint Tim when they were here awhile ago.
 Very different from the Kentucky Bourbon in the past, but I'm quite sure it will be shared with our visitors.

 What did we have for dinner?
Potato pancakes
 pumpkin bread
 a salad with pears
 pork and gravy
 green and yellow beans....
What a feast.
 For a grand finale, Sally brought us little cheesecakes with fresh raspberries.
Nap time.
Night all.

Len sent me photos of two paintings he has finished.
Check them out.  He has such a nice soft touch.  Beautiful!


ann @ studiohyde said...

We have some wet weather here at the moment, but it changes quite quickly these days. Lovely paintings by Len.

Birdman said...

Did you do your new banner? Love it. Your table setting with tree in the background is wonderful.

Nancy J said...

Great new header, and the small tree ,perfect size. We have rain down here too!! The fire is lit, coffee made, cats inside, and Len's paintings, the last one is superb. Jean.