Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday I got a new digital camera (another SONY Cyber-shot nothing special pink) as I was holding my lithium batteries in with a band aid on my old camera.  I must have taken nearly 20,000 pictures with it over the past several years and there are actually wear spots on the camera itself.  Fortunately the memory card works on both, and I had no trouble loading these pictures onto the computer.  At any rate, I want to see what I shot this morning as a test.
Tomorrow a student from the college is coming up to start working with the horses and moi, so I mowed the lane one mile back in case we want to go on a trail ride.  I have some before and after pictures as well as some of the 150 acres of soybeans surrounding our farm.  They are just about ready to be picked.
Of course I had to get Phoebe in her morning spot and the horses surrounded by birds.

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  1. you are always a very busy lady on the farm! Hope you take it easy on the weekend!


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