Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Only Half of the Day...

What was I thinking?  Stopped taking pictures after lunch....
So, this looks like the Phoebe show.
 There was a lot of melting going on today as the temperature was in the 40s.

 The wind made it feel colder than it was, so the girls kept their blankets on.

 After chores I went to Agape....
 and stopped at Tractor Supply for Grain and Beet Pulp Pellets.
 Bright sunshine sure perks things up.

This afternoon a Spectrum technician spent a couple of hours here trying to improve the cable connection as my computer has been slowing down more and more.
At 4 Gary left for Agape and a Dinner/Board meeting so I made myself the same thing we had last
night for dinner.  Just as good!

Off duty.
Night all.


  1. And the snow lingers. A few big heaps here and there, hope the IT man gets a faster connection.

  2. Did the tech ever figure it out? Or is the issue your computer itself?

    1. Val, the Tech changed the incoming cable setup which increased the speed, but not up to what it should be. May need a new Router.


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