Monday, February 12, 2018

I Needed to Wear My Ice Skates on the Driveway This Morning...

The footing was terrible.

 The temperature was in the high 20s and it was pretty quiet.

 While I was cleaning the stalls the sun came out...nice change.
Do you listen to music when you are in the barn?
 The light was just right for taking a nice, simple picture.

Just right in the house too.
 Around 11:30 I put my time in at Agape and then went to a meeting at the Rec Center.
 After that I stopped at Wegmans, where they were totally prepared for Valentines Day.

 By the time I got home it was almost 4 o'clock!

 I sure do appreciate that solar energy.
 The late afternoon light was right on time.
 (I changed the living room around)

 I don't think my Bird of Paradise blossom is going to make it.
The top of the green casing just won't come apart enough to let it out.
 Dinner was a picnic.
Hot dogs, beans and potato salad.
A technician has to come out on Wednesday to check on our cable connection.
Everything is slowing down with my computer.
Just in time!
Night all.


  1. Sometimes it can take months for a Bird of Paradise flower to open. Time will tell. 😎

  2. Dear Lori, not having a barn, I don't go there to listen to music!!!! But I do play CDs when I cake and bake and putter around the kitchen. The music--often Tony Bennett gets me dancing and I just waltz and cha-cha and prance around the kitchen table! Peace.

  3. I have something called Yak Tracks that I use on my chore boots. It helps when on ice.

    1. I have the same and can't believe it took me so long to start using them. They make all the difference....


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