Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Second Annual Farm-To-Table Dinner...Medina, New York

We left the farm at 5:15 thinking we would get to Medina right on time.
Due to the weather, instead of being held on Main Street, the Farm-to-Table dinner was moved to
The Wm. J. Gallagher Stock Farms.
Last year we to arrived in Medina at 6 and were practically the first on the scene.  I took 75 photos before we had our first course.  Tonight!  Another story!
We made it by 6:05  (greeted by these 3 beauties) and the place was already packed so we could not find 4 seats together for the two of us, Alix and Scott.
They sat at the table behind us.

 The setting was gorgeous.
It's a good thing we were inside, as off and on there was rain, thunder and lightning.

We sat across from Tom and Bonnie...they own a shop in Medina. It's always a pleasure to meet new people!                     
When you entered the barn, you were given a glass of champagne.
Before long the tasting course was served.
A shrimp and gazpacho martini 
tomatoes, green onion, bell pepper, cucumber, salsa, sour, cream micro cilantro
and a grilled shrimp skewer
Outstanding!  It was paired with Schwenk Wine Cellars Gewurztraminer

The first course (and my very favorite)
fried green tomato
roasted beet aioli, crispy bacon, field greens and goat cheese crumble.
Paired with Schulze Vineyard Vidal Blanc

The second course
pork tamale
slow roasted pork shoulder, queso fresco, corn salsa and ranchero sauce.
Paired with RG Brewery Belgium Wit Bier

The third course
beef brisket
pulled brisket, romesco sauce, polenta ravioli, fennel slaw and truffle vinaigrette
(what a great combination of flavors) 
Paired with Leonard Oakes Estate Reserve Pinot Noir

The dessert course
honey flan
honey, egg custard, strawberry mousse and lemon crisp
                                           Paired with 810 Meadworks Strawberry Patch

As it got darker....
 the room became magical.
 The sun was setting 

 and the "twinkie" lights added a soft, mellow look.

 Scott and Alix did there thing, mingling with many others from Medina
 and we hardly had a chance to talk.
Another time.

The photos I shared last year attracted their attention when they lived in Washinton DC and they contacted me.  It started a conversation that is still going on.  They have now moved back to Medina (getting married this month) and were game to come to our farm for dinner before they even had met us.  Their outstanding blog...In A DC Minute is worth checking out.  I'm sure Alix took a lot of photos tonight so she can show off her home town!

Kudos go out to:
The Orleans Renaissance Group, Inc.
Chef Michael Zambito - Zambistro
Chef Leonel Rosario - Mariachi De Oro 
and dozens of very generous sponsors who helped make this event possible!
Once again, it was a first class event and I'm sure all 200 attendees went home happy.
What a meal!
The Gallagher family has created a magnificent venue.

Do you know why they had this $100 a plate fundraiser?


  1. Looks like great food and drinks! Love the interior of the old barn. They've fixed it up beautifully.

  2. Thank you for the photos and the tour of events! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Thank you for the photos and the tour of events! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Such nice pictures from second Annual Farm-To-Table Dinner. It is good to see the photos. The decorations are also looking great. At the garden themed event venues in NYC I will also host such a nice dinner bash for my mom’s birthday. If you have an tips, please share.


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