Thursday, August 24, 2017

Get Ready for Some Music!!!!

The big cool down.  Yes.  Sunny and crispy!

 The Turtle Heads are in full bloom.

 Fortunately we were able to finish mowing the lawn after all that rain yesterday.
 Here is our first morning glory.

 Tonight Summer Serenades concluded it's season
 with the amazing Chris Wilson....a local boy who made it big enough
to have gigs around the world.  Now he has moved back to town with his 
family and we love having the pleasure of his company!  What a pro!
When you hear his voice you will know why.


 I must say, after joining a jam group I truly appreciate everything about his performance.
Perfect pitch, an amazing musician, the best sound system, so comfortable with the crowd,
spontaneous, humble, a distinct style and more.

Everyone raved.....

Ironically, tonight Swamp Moose was playing down at 58 Main and Jenny, Pam and Gerri
were going to meet there.  So...Gary and I went down for awhile to give some support to
our friend Steve (who works for the Town).
These two make some fun music...and such variety.

We are so lucky to have these options in our little community.
Night all.


  1. Chris Wilson is divine! Thanks for posting! And yes, you're lucky to have all of these talented musicians in your community!

  2. Great voice! So much fun stuff to do in your community too.


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