Friday, August 25, 2017

Drumming and Dancing...

Another cool and sunny day.
 I don't know if it's all the rain or what, out willow tree is bigger than ever.

 After chores we picked a few things in the garden.  
There are some cherry tomatoes under those beans and the big ones are still doin' nuthin!
 I will confess to watching a couple more episodes of "Suits" after lunch.
Season 5!
 At 3:30 I met Susan Smith down at the SERC to take a few photos of my drumming pals, who were performing at the Freshman Convocation (College at Brockport).
 It was so good to see them.

I participated in this a couple of times and it was such a great experience.
It all starts with the processional...first the drummers then the faculty.
There's Adam!
 Jennifer and Lori are in the Art Department.
Anyone in the building had to feel the electricity when Sankofa was performing.

 When the program is over, the drummers lead the faculty and students out of the building....
 Many stop to dance.

 Susan had never been to the SERC nor had she seen Sankofa.
Great exposure to college life/activities.
Like me, she is very interested in community and just happens to 
be running for Town Board.
Home a little before 6 and Gary grilled up some corn and Zwiegles for dinner.
I made a quick salad and that was that.
Night all.

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  1. Beautiful willow tree. They are one of my favorites. The drumming sounds like a great experience to hear or participate in.


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