Sunday, August 6, 2017


As soon as I wake up I take the dogs outside along with my camera.
This morning, the light was beautiful and the cosmos have started blooming.

 Chores as usual....with my sidekicks.

 I needed to move our new lawn tractor in order to back out our old one, which I use to mow the pastures.  Look at what was underneath (from mowing the lawn yesterday).
 I sure can't complain about grass this year.  The rain has kept everything so green.

 At 11:15 I went down to the market to grab a photo of Susan and

 had a salad at Java before going to our Sunday Jam at the gallery.
 Sara's Dad and Daughter stopped in
 so she sang a song for them.
 After that, she sang "Crazy."

We had an especially good session today, as Doug helped us out with a couple of songs.
He plays with a band and is also a producer....knows of what he speaks and it made a difference.

 It was so nice outside we left the door open, and just when we were ready to call it a day,
these two popped in to listen.  Of course we had to play one more song for them and they were invited to join us.
May I introduce Captain Bob and his wife Sheila.
 They are from Cleveland, Ohio....rented their house out for the year, and are on their way to the Bahamas in their sailboat...."Her Diamond."  She's a real beauty!
I absolutely love meeting people who stop at our port, and will keep track of
them as they head south.
 Did not get home until 4 and we had leftovers for dinner.

 "There's a Moon Out tonight"
"Let's go strollin........."
Night all.

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  1. Hope that lady is not going to start making you do chores
    Lily & Edward


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