Friday, August 11, 2017


 Just as I finished chores, Jenny dropped off some appetizers for dinner tonight.

After that, I held the ladder while Gary finished cleaning out the gutters on the 
south side of our house.
 We already know that his friend Tom Root will have something to say about this....
why he should not be doing this at his age.

 This is the door to our kitchen.  Today I decided that we look like "hippyville"
with all those vines on the porch.  Suits me.  And at night I can turn on the twinkie lights!

 I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for dinner...
no time for a nap with Little Wonder and Phoebe.
Donna (Scott's Mom), Steve, Chase (Scott's nephew), Paula (Scott's sister),
her husband (also Scott), their kids....Hannah, Max, Sophie,
Jenny, Scott, Finn and Coop arrived between 5 and 5:30.
We started off on the back porch.

 Little Wonder and Paula really clicked and they spent a lot of time together.
 Dinner was farm style.
Chicken Helen,
 wilted cabbage (from our garden) salad with bacon,
 6 bean salad, homemade refrigerator pickles and pickled beets (our garden)
 corn bread and grilled corn on the cob.
 Lots of laughs!

 Paula brought a boat load of cookies for dessert.

 After Scott's family left, he, Jen and the boys played with a frisbee like thingy that ended up on the roof of the indoor.  For the second time today Gary got out his big ladder.

 We called it a night before dark...
and now it's time to put my feet up.
We really enjoyed the evening!
Night all.

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