Friday, April 14, 2017

Time to Start Mowing

The sun was very strong this morning.

 We hurried through chores as the pups had an appointment with the groomer at 9am.

 Sidney held down the fort while we were gone.
 I dropped them off
 and went to Agape.
 Our old lawn tractor has pretty much had it so after that I went out to Danny's to see what I could find. This time, it will only be for the lawn and I will use the old one in the pastures.
 I picked  up Little Wonder and Phoebe at 12:30

 and we headed home.

 They were very happy to get outside so they could run around for awhile.
 Does this boy have an amazing coat or what?  So shiny.

 I got out the hand mower and could not believe that it started right up.
Mowed the lawn behind the kitchen as it had grown like crazy.
 Gary worked on his gardening tools, oiling up all of the wooden handles.
 The weather was perfect for us today.  In the 60s.
 We ended up getting the lawn tractor and Danny delivered it tonight.
I will be mowing tomorrow!

 Now we are going to take it easy.
 Dinner was leftovers and we are all off duty.
Night all.


  1. Everything looks great in your neck of the woods. The pups do too! LW is a handsome fella.

  2. Beautiful pictures! LW does have a shiny coat. Handsome boy and Phoebe looks great too. Good luck with your new mower.

  3. I thought what an amazing coat LW has before I read that you had written the same thing!

  4. Hi Lori, Phoebe and Little Wonder are the stars of this post. LW looks beautiful - was this his first grooming? Great image of the windmill through the bare trees. Happy Easter to you and Gary. Jo

  5. The pups look fantastic! We are going to be in the 70's today with humid conditions. Doesn't that beat all?
    Off to catch up mules for the farrier!

  6. The pups look great! Little Wonder really is looking so grown up - How did that happen?

    We're mowing grass here too. It seems just like just last week it was too cold for it to grow - Oh wait, it was! :-)


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