Campaign 2017

Campaign 2017
What a team...


Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Very Long Day....

The weather is still perfect.

At 12 I went down to the Rec Center to check our the Holiday Bazaar being
held by the Senior Association.

 Susan met me there and we had lunch before hitting the campaign trail.

 I left with 2 baskets ($1.00), a beautiful knit hat, ($8), a pumpkin pie ($9) 
and rice pudding ($2.50)
We went door to door from 1:30 - 4:30 and hit an entire neighborhood.
Susan is very comfortable doing this and I'm sure she picked up some votes.
This gorgeous pup was in one of the driveways....

 I had chore duty tonight.
The horses split this gigantic carrot.

 Not in the mood to make dinner, so we went to Stones.

Time for a nap.
Night all.

Friday, October 20, 2017

"The Barn"

Perfect weather today.

 I decided to make applesauce since we had an abundance of apples.

 Lots of in and outs...moving brush, raking leaves, playing with the pups.

 I picked the rest of the carrots...we had a couple that weighed two pounds each!

 Tonight we did something very special.
A couple of weeks ago I got tickets for us to go see Chris Wilson in his new venue.

 He has been working for 4 years on this and WOW!  It is quite amazing.

 Here are several of his songs for your listening pleasure.
 Chris is such a pro and I am so happy for him...he has a recording studio right there.
Watch for his upcoming performances and act fast if you want to get in.
Night all.
Tomorrow is another day......