Walnut Hill 2017


Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Great Mexican Dinner

 Beautiful weather all day long.

 Sunday jam at 1.


 Jim brought his granddaughter along and they played a couple of pieces for us.
They were great!


 We also had a guest from Florida....Kathy.  She was very experienced and fit right in.
 I got back to the farm around 3:30 and at 5 we were at Tina and Rogers for an authentic
Mexican dinner.  Adam drove Mary's new bug!
 A friend of Roger's made the entire meal from scratch and it was outstanding.

 The dessert could not have been better!  A cake (three milks) topped with whipped cream
and a light piece of fried dough on the side.
 I left a little after 7 and Adam drove Gary home.
Had to tuck the girls in for the night.

 Night all.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Little Wonder arrived at Skoog Farm 1 year ago today.
 On a Tuesday after art class Shamra and I went for a ride to look at 2 Rescues.
One of them was a puppy (I had already looked at two others).  The first cutie we looked at wanted no part of anyone but her foster mom and she would not come near us.
When we got to Patricia's (Foster Mom) house, she brought Little Wonder outside and he ran right over to me! I knew he was the right fit.  He had a brother (Bug) that I inquired about, but he was already adopted to they referred me to this sweet boy.
I was not able to bring him home until he had his first shots and was neutered.
When the day finally arrived, Judy drove over with me and she held him the whole 
way back to the farm.
There was a lot to see that first day.
Gary knew he was the right pup for us the minute they met.
He was so little!
 The following morning I had to do chores and he and Phoebe came along (no leash, no nuthin).
I had put a big crate near the stalls so he would be safe when I let the horses out,
but other than that, he was loose.
 Before too long, he met our three cats.
His foster mom did a great job with him.  He knew how to sit and fetch (and brought the ball back) when he was under 8 weeks old.

We knew he was part Yorkie and had no idea as to what he would look like as an adult.

Of course he and Phoebe became pals right off the bat.

I used my photos to create a book, as he was so irresistible I could not stop taking pictures.

In the meantime, I was very curious about Bug and finally located him in Webster.
After communicating with his family and becoming friends on FaceBook, I was able to learn more about him and we each posted photos.  They looked very similar as puppies.
Mandy had a DNA test done and the results stated they were Yorkie, Border Collie, American Cattle Dog and some Terrier.  What a surprise!  Bug's coat stayed short and Little Wonder's just keeps getting longer.
One day Mandy posted this picture of Bug looking at Little Wonder on her computer.
Is that cute or what????
He was looking at this photo!
Phoebe and Little Wonder love to go for rides in the car
 and attend every art class.

By the time fall rolled around (he was born June 1st) his coat started to grow.

 Is was shiny and very silky.
 By mid winter he was almost as big as Phoebe.

Now, his coat is much longer and still growing.

He looks like Fu Man Chu and likes to smile at his special friends.
Last month Mandy (Bug's Mom) and her daughter Annabelle brought Bug out for a visit.
At first he and Little Wonder were a little shy...but within 10 minutes I really think
they knew they were brothers.
Here they are out in the studio.
Mandy had a ball in her hand and the dogs followed it.

I'm so glad we found this pup!