Thursday, December 8, 2016

Knockwurst and Bratwurst....

Another beautiful start.

 It was cold this morning and was even colder by evening.
At the moment, there is a lot of snow heading this way.

 After chores I ended up going down to the village for a Department Head meeting
(which I forgot about until I checked out my email) and ended up there for 3 hours.

 Company for dinner.  Jenny, Scott, Coop and Finn arrived around 6.
 The menu for tonight was all things German.
 Except for a chocolate cream pie.
 I parboiled knockwurst and smoked bratwurst, which Gary finished on the grill.
That and the
 red cabbage came from Swan's Market.

 I sauteed some onions and mushrooms
 and put them in a gravy, which would go over noodles.
For me, pumpernickel bread is a perfect pick for this kind of a meal.
 It was delish....all of it.

 Gary had a 7 o'clock meeting, and everyone else left shortly thereafter.
Now it's time for me to get out by the fire.
Night all.

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