Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just Keep Taking Pictures!

This turned into a very hot and muggy day.
The weatherman said it feels like 100!

It rained last night.

 I'm ready to wring Abbe's neck.  This is the 4th time she has pushed out the boards on her stall.
This time I had Gary put them back up and I hope they stay there.

 I swear that Little Wonder enjoys having his picture taken!
He poses....from morning 'til night.

 I spent some time mowing 2 paddocks and the back pasture when I finished chores.  The cloud cover helped, as when I was done the sun came out and it was oppressive.
I am so grateful to have green grass back.

 After lunch I had to get my camera out as this boy was looking irresistible.

 Our friend Joanne C. made a special trip to the farm to join the fan club.
 Earlier I had made a peach pie....again.

 so we had dessert first and dinner later.
 Tonight we had a humungo salad.
Mixed greens, apples, pears, craisins, Feta cheese and toasted walnuts.
 So good!

 Phoebe needs a nap at the end of the day after playing with her new brother.
Night all.


  1. Awww, just look at that header with Little Wonder and Phoebe posing so beautifully. Does LW know his fan club stretches across oceans to Africa ? Lori, you know I'm rather afraid of horses? Well, soon I'll be involved with them - more about this later! Have a great day. Jo

  2. It really does look like he enjoys his picture being taken. And why wouldn't he with a cute mug like that.

    So Abbé seems to like remodeling her stall to her specifications. Ha, they can always find a way to make more work for you. The pastures look great. Hope we cool off soon, we're hot here too.

  3. How cute!
    Regarding Abby. Our old horse Red did that many years ago. He'd push the boards off during a storm and I'd have to go find him.
    We simply ended up putting the boards on the inside. He couldn't push them out then.
    That ended us wandering about looking for ol' Red.

    Little Wonder is so adorable!


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