Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If You Can't Take The Heat...Don't Go Near Your Kitchen...

Ta Daa...
We Actually had almost an inch of rain last night.
 It was so heavy, this yarrow plant got flattened.
I was out there with my umbrella at 2:30am closing barn doors, but Karen had already closed most of them.  In spite of the thunder, lightning and monsoon rain it was music to my ears.
 When I finished cleaning stalls I dragged the indoor as company was coming.
 This is Kate Logan.  Many years ago she was one of my art students and now she is married with an adorable daughter and her husband (Ben) is our farrier.  She is preparing for a dressage show that will be held inside next month.  Walker had never been in an indoor and you would never know it.  
He was perfect and I'm confident he will do a great job at his debut.

 Kate (I always called her Katie) and Ben keep their 5 horses at her grandparent's place and it is within walking distance.
They hacked over and back.
Many years ago she boarded another horse (Dee) at our farm.

 By the time they left it was getting pretty steamy and I did nothing worth mentioning for the rest of the day.
Gary worked outside for awhile and then did not feel all that well later.  
That was me yesterday afternoon.  We must have a bug topped with the heat.

Late afternoon Gary went to Wegmans for me and picked up Finn and Coop.
We had dinner together....Ralph and Rosie's.  They are such a pleasure.
When they arrived, Coop wanted to look at some pictures of Little Wonder Dog.
All of us are very anxious to have him here.
 Right now it is 9pm and it is nasty outside...still so muggy.
I'm ready to go get comfortable.
Night all.


  1. What is Katie wearing on her arm? They are a great team together

  2. I was wondering what she was wearing on her arm too? So hot and muggy here today too. The rain made it worse. Temps ranging between 91-100 depending on where you are. Bet the boys are as excited as you about "little wonder".

  3. Kate has an iphone on her arm. She was riding Walker over here for the first time and was by herself...a good idea as she had to go down her road, through the woods and down the lane.

    Yep! Today (Thursday is outrageously hot here in Brockport). Enough of this!


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