Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's All About The Food, 'Bout The Food....

 We woke up to a foot of snow and Gary made his debut with the snow blower.
 He even did part of the front paddock.
 There is a piece of plywood on top of the water trough at night.  I'd say that snow was 12-14 inches high.

 I did some shoveling and got into the house about 10:30.  Decided to have brunch.
 Stopped at Wegmans on my way to bridge as we needed some cat food.
 Flowers all over the place.

 Bridge was at Terry's house and you guessed it.  Lots of food.

 Got home at 4:45 and Karen was here to do evening chores.  

Jenny called at 5:15 and wondered if I wanted to join her and the stock club (I used to belong to) for their end of the year dinner.

Sounded like a good idea to me, so I was picked up at 5:40 and we were off to Batavia.
Trish picked the restaurant - Yume.

 Our server, Roy, added a lot to our evening.

 The food was off the charts....off the charts...

 The best sesame chicken I have ever eaten.

 The eight of us split 2 desserts.
Deep fried vanilla ice cream (special decorations for us)
and a deep fried banana.
(I think Char was ready to adopt Roy...they kept us entertained).
 What a fun evening.  Have not seen these people in a very long time.
By the by....I would highly recommend this bistro!
Night all.


  1. My tongue is hanging out of my mouth rather inelegantly :)) xx

  2. Oh now I want off the charts food. Oh well peanut butter on toast will have to do.:) Hug B

  3. Looks wonderful! It's always nice to reacquaint with old friends, especially over delicious food and drinks! Simple pleasures are some of life's greatest gifts...Merry Christmas Lori

  4. That's a lot of snow. Glad the snow blower was a help.

    Looks like some delicious food at the restaurant. Someday I'm going to have fried ice cream, never have but always wanted to.


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