Friday, July 20, 2012


 I actually needed to wear a sweatshirt when I started chores.  Felt great
 It was overcast and very pleasant.
 The pastures are giving in to the drought...all the little clover blossoms are brown.
 The girls made me walk out to the pasture to put their masks on...the land around us was being worked.
 I thought my PT appointment was at 10:45 today....WRONG, that's for next Friday.  Today it was 10:15.  They took me in anyway and I was tortured!!!!  I always start out on the bike and it was so busy, had to use one in the other room.  Well guess what!  I'm going to use it all the time as the way it is set up I can pedal more smoothly (not for all that long, but an improvement).  After that, they do some stretching...for straightening and flexion.  CRANK!
 Got out of there around noon and did not have it in me to go swimming.  
Did a little mowing when I got home...needed to jump start the mower with my car.

Felt relatively ambitious until I sat down...the kiss of death.  Took a nap instead.

Made a dinner from our garden....fried up some eggplant before I went out to do chores.

 Tomorrow two friends are coming up to rescue us.  One will work in the garden with Gary supervising, and the other will take down a fence line.
 Getting back to dinner.  Tonight our salad was made from our own leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes and onions.  So fresh.

Once again, I am out of gas.  Maybe I will get back into the picture taking mode one of these days.
Night all.


  1. Talk about photos! I love what you see! And you show it very well! Look at that food! Thanks so much, Lori, for making my stomach GROWL at this hour!!! lol
    Good that you are 'coming along' with the PT!!
    Thanks for dropping by today!

  2. I love how you can make so many great meatless meals. Also how you jump-started your mower : )

  3. I always enjoy your daily photos. And, seeing what you have for dinner! lol

  4. You are allowed to be Miss CrankyPants...and if anyone says anything to the contrary send them to me...love your pics today!!

  5. Although I strongly dislike eggplant, I do have to say that is a very pretty dish that you made. Nice presentation.


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