The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Too Busy.....

At least 15 degrees cooler this morning.  
Loved it.

 Had to take care a few things on the home front before going down to Ann's for an afternoon of duplicate bridge.  Lorna and I tied for second place.  I wish I had had a hand that looked as good as this one.
 Home before 5 and had several phone calls to answer.  
Gary was kind enough to make breakfast for dinner.
 Chores at 7:30.

 The sky was beautiful.

 Almost dark by the time the girls were tucked in.

 I have an awful lot going on right now.
The Campaign.
My students have an art show at A Different Path Gallery in October.
Still working on The Global Mural Conference for 2016 where 
Art Walks On Water 
will be brought back to life.
Drumming for a full marathon in Rochester a week from Sunday.
And I have to mow the lawn tomorrow.

Night all.
In case you are interested,
Longmire is back for Season 4 on Netflix tonight!


  1. Love your photos! Cooler here this evening which is a welcome relief --And breakfast for dinner is always a favorite!

  2. What lovely photos, Lori! You do have a lot going on! I've been very busy this summer, a lot of traveling. We passed through Buffalo, Wyoming just a day after Longmire Days ended. Longmire's photo was all over town. We had coffee ant the bar in the Occidental Hotel, and I finally asked the bartender who Longmire was ~ "Only the best TV series ever!" I've haven't seen any of the shows, but I did buy one of the books in Buffalo. I have it with me to read on our latest trip. I hope you enjoy tonight's show!

  3. Dinner is great, when another puts it on the table .Even beans on toast would be so tasty. Too busy , the same down here, The tree feller will be coming soon, and next winter's wood will get split and out to dry!! Hey-Ho, roll on summer down here.

  4. You are lucky I'm melting.
    Lily & Edward


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