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Saturday, September 12, 2015

And The Rains Came....

It rained all night and the temperature was in the 50s this morning.
 The girls sure didn't need masks today.
 After getting soaked, Abbe rolled in the indoor.  She's a wanabeeeee red roan.

 They were all feeling their cheerios.

We planned to go down to the Peddler's Market at the Morgan Manning house this morning, but it rained so hard we held off.  Finally got there a little after 1 and the place was empty.  So sad, as it's usually a great event.  There was a booth selling gorgeous children's dresses to raise money for the "Dresses for Girls Around the World" project.
 I posted several pictures yesterday of the one Hanny made.
They are positively adorable.

 We picked up several things at their Junque Sale and Gary brought home a raspberry pie.

The rest of the day was a washout and I tucked the girls in a little early.

 Abbe looked even more lovely than she did this morning.
 I'd say we got a fair amount of water.  All the plants and trees were very happy.
 This was a great find...so glad Gary managed to get it before it was sold to someone else.
Perfect for the pergola area.
 He also got a rocking chair and two wooden tray tables.
These book ends were my favorite find and they were free at the closing of the sale.
Alabaster....made in Italy.  Love them.
When the weather changes like this, I am much more motivated to cook.
Gary made another batch of sauce...
 and I had already made some for dinner.
 While I was in the barn, he also put together a cucumber/tomato/onion/Greek olive salad.

 Everything tasted so good.  We have not had pasta since long before our latest heatwave.
That's it.
Night all.


  1. Those bookends were made for you! Made for Skoog Farm. Love them. And something tells me you have some good books around that house to rest between them. The teak (?) furniture was a great find. I loved the day of rain yesterday. It put me in a cooking mood too. I'm ready for fall...especially Thanksgiving :)

  2. Cooler temps and rain here too -- It's making the dogs a bit friskier too, and a welcome change.

    Love the dresses and the bookends and you were meant to be together, they're perfect for you!

  3. Super outdoor goodies, and book ends, ditto to Stephen's words.


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