The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Friday, September 4, 2015

More Jamin'

A very foggy morning.

 By the time I went out to do chores, most of it disappeared.

 Phoebe and Gucci are always looking for something in the front paddock.

 Afterward I did a little work outside and then got started on another batch of jam.
Gary picked that basket of raspberries yesterday and I just had to do something with them.
 After crushing, I had some extra, added a few plums and made a batch of preserves.
 Very little sugar (no recipe) compared to what it takes for jam.

 After lunch the dogs and I went for a ride to check on some hay.  When we crossed over the canal I tried to grab a couple of shots as no other cars were in the area (one lane bridge).  Very peaceful looking.

 Dinner before chores tonight.
 Plum chutney
 Corn on the Cob
 and a little grilled chicken.
 Made a quick trip to Brockport before tucking the girls in for the night.

 Fortunately the temperature had dropped.  We even had a slight breeze part of the day.

Night all.


  1. Another busy day! You are the master at putting up your fruit for a long winters day.

  2. You are killing me with all that wonderful jam!

  3. I channeled my inner Lori Skoog yesterday and diced a huge batch of tomatoes to freeze. I think I need to buy a chest freezer now though. Half my freezer is packed with bags of frozen tomatoes! I sure will be glad I did it when I'm making sauce in January with real tomatoes. Thanks for the inspiration! I prefer jams with low sugar too.


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