Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So What Else Can Happen?

Last night it started to snow again and the wind was howling, knocking branches against the house (40+ mph).  I was in the kitchen and Gary was in the living room, when he noticed there was no heat coming out through the hot water baseboards.  It was a little after 10 and there was nothing he could do to get the furnace going again so he called our "go to man", who said he would come out first thing in the morning.

 That meant we had to get more wood in the house so no pipes would freeze...fortunately the air temperature, minus the wind, was not as frigid as it could have been.
I kept the kitchen fire going....
 and Gary started our first fire of the winter in the free standing wood stove in the living room.
 We both fell asleep around 2am and by 6 got our fires going again.
Scott arrived at 7am and had everything working by 9.

In the meantime, I went out to do chores.  It's a darn good thing that I messed up my left arm instead of the right so I could somewhat function.  No rest for real farm girls!
 It eventually warmed up enough (still in the 30s) to melt most of the snow in the driveway.

 Fortunately I was able to get the inside temperature up enough to still hold my class.

One of my artist friends delivered a bunch of frames yesterday and hoped that my students could use them....especially since our show is coming up in June.  They scarfed up 9 and I have about 4 left.
 It was another "deal of the century."
 Gucci was buttering up Tina for another treat.

 Connie's drawing is really taking shape.

When they left I had lunch...eggs and an English muffin.  Why not?

Seeing that we did not get much sleep last night, Gary and I both took a short nap this afternoon.  Of course it was the reading by the fire that finished me off.  He ran some errands and went down to Jens to watch Finn and Coop after school.  

 I did chores at 5:30 and it was still nice and light out.
 Tucked in the girls and got back to the house just before dark.
 Gary had a meeting at the Alumni House so I did not cook again.
Instead, took pictures of the tulips Carol and Topper brought the other night.

I'm thinkin' spring.

 The orchid blossoms are still hangin' in there.

That's it for now.
Night all.


  1. I'm glad you got your heat going, and got to catch up with a little nap--I hope tonight is warmer for you and uneventful!

  2. Don't you wish that tulip blossoms would last as long as orchids?
    I'm glad you guys were able to stay warm enough... and were able to get the furnace going this morning. Brrrrr!

  3. What a rotten night! You must be tuckered out.

  4. Without the furnace it would be very cold!! Beautiful tulips, they must be force-grown in a hot house?? Hope your left arm is OK, and the snow lessens this week. Cheers from Jean

  5. That sounds like a long, cold night! We lit the wood stove in our bedroom last night. It's been freezing in the back of the house. We rarely use the bedroom wood stove -- gets the room too warm -- but we sure needed it last night.

  6. I think you need to remove "bring it on" from the top of your blog! Someone is taking you at your word!

  7. "No rest for real farm girls" I hear that:)
    I am sorry about your arm and your furnace.I am glad it worked out. We only use a wood stove to heat our house and have electric base boards for back up. It is a warm heat. My Fibro likes that kind.
    Your new camera works great. Take care Hug B

  8. No heat sucks especially if you have to keep fires going. I've not had to do much of that this winter as it has been so darned warm. Love the tulips - about the same color as mine!

  9. How fortunate that you have wood and two stoves for back-up. Doesn't the furnace always go out at night? All my furnace problems happen when my husband is out-of-town. Yes... thinking of Spring.

  10. Good thing you have a wood stove!!!

    I was listening to the woods this morning while I helped chore... I heard the chickadee's singing their spring song.

    Is it too early to hope?

  11. Brrrr.... Glad it's all fixad now.
    Roll on summer :)

  12. Dear Lori, I find your postings so satisfying as they are a mixture of horses, house, paintings, and the every-day-ness of your life. It's so much busier than mine, but I do join you in taking naps!!! Peace.


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