Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chicken Pot Pie....

 I have been doing a little reorganizing since Moon is going to be moving here in a couple of weeks.
All the blankets (filthy) are in one spot, the feed room has been changed around, her stall will be finished tomorrow etc.  Kind of like spring cleaning.

 It was not all that warm (under 30) but the sun managed to get rid of more snow.
 Look at what's poking through the leaves in the back garden.  That's a little premature.

 I opted not to go to drumming today as it did not seem like a good idea to strain my arm with three hours of constant motion.  At 4pm I got a phone call from one of the drummers to see how I was doing....so sweet and thoughtful.  I have rarely missed a Saturday and they figured something was wrong.

So instead, I watched cooking shows and decided to make my first chicken pot pie.  I have been making some mean chicken and biscuits for years, but felt like trying this.

Had two things going at once.  Sauteed onions in one pan....
 and in the other, organic boneless chicken thighs, celery, carrots and chicken stock.
 Threw in some flat leafed parsley, fresh ground pepper, celery salt
 and a big shot of white wine.
 Meanwhile, I added a little more butter, sea salt and flour to the onions.
 Poured in some chicken stock and milk (skim)
 and let it thicken.
 Added frozen peas to the chicken etc.....
 and some boiled potato cubes.
Grabbed a little of the gravy and added some sour cream...mixed it back in
 and combined everything.
 Ooooopppps.  Chore time.

 When I got back in, placed a pie crust in a deep dish and added the goodies.
 Put on the top crust and tried to put in holes and slits...didn't work too well because the gravy underneath was hot. Brushed with butter and baked it at 425 (on a cookie sheet) until the top browned.  It was not very pretty...
 but along with Jenny's salad (she joined us for dinner)...it was fantazzzzmagorickkkkkk!
Night all.

Congrats to Ariana, Daniela and friends for doing the 5K Color Run in Vegas today. 
Fast chicks.  There were 6,000 participants!


  1. Wow you had a big day!

    Are those crocuses poking up? Or Daffodils?
    Your grass looks green compare to our brown.

    Yesterday mud. Today ice.
    Monday? Ice/sleet/rain/snow.

  2. Mmmm - I bet it was yummy! How uncanny, we were talking about chicken pot pie with a friend, today.

  3. What? Bulbs up already? You are at least a month ahead of us, maybe 2!

  4. Oooh what a fabulous, comforting meal!!

  5. I am surprised that you haven't made chicken pot pie before but I am not at all surprised that you aced it. I have daffodits poking through the ground as well. Spring can't be far away!

  6. Lori,as always, your meals are so delicious!! A little less snow, and bulbs poking through the frozen ground, They are so brave!! Greetings from Jean

  7. Looks like summer's on the way, compared to us:)

    Congrats to Ariana & team!

  8. That pie is beautiful! Great for your first try. :)

  9. Way to go girls. Great run.
    I want chicken pot pie now.
    Take care of that arm OK. hug B

  10. I've made one, but I've eaten many a chicken pot pie in my day. Tasty on a cold winter night, with another storm moving in.

  11. The pot pie looks delicious. You've been busy as usual.

  12. You have bulbs up - so jealous!
    Your chicken pie looks / sounds so amazing! Yum - many good ideas here, i.e. sour cream. My husband makes amazing chicken and turkey pies. One thing we do here in Nova Scotia, that I think is somewhat of a Maritime thing, is add a herb called summer savory. Do oyu have that in oyur area? It's delicious with chicken. Also, he puts a little crumbled sausage in his pie - if there's left over sausage stuffing so much the better.
    Your pie looks so good I think I'm going to try to talk him into one for supper :)

  13. Look at those youngins in their shorts! LOL I hope your shoulder is starting to feel better, keep it lubed up and give it time (irritating I know). No more falls either!! Forced spring barn cleaning isn't a bad thing...spring will be here soon I hope.

  14. Love the ingredients in the pot pie. I bet it tasted amazing. Sounds like a productive day.

  15. Wonderful! That chicken pot pie sounds amazing! Your photos are fantastic!

  16. The pot pie does sound really good!

  17. Moon? Moon!? I missed a few days and sure enough, something's happening. Gotta catch up. . . And love that pie!

  18. And wait! Daffodils!? Oh, we're a longgg way from daffodils up here in Maine. Alas.

  19. Oh the chicken pot pie looks so delicious! :) Yummy yummy yummy! We have daffodils appearing now too.. it's a little early here... this winter has been so bizarre..

  20. Not even 10 am and I'm craving chicken pot pie!


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