Friday, February 22, 2013

The Skoog Farm Journal is 5 Years Old Today...

I have not missed posting one day in all that time.  At the moment, my counter says that I have had 206,669 hits (near 10,000 on the counter before this), 282 followers and I have put out 4005 posts.
That makes me tired, just thinking about it.  But let me tell you, it has been an outstanding experience and I have met the neatest people from around the world (Gayle-1st follower, Esther, Sue, Victoria, Annette, Brett, Maery Rose, Buttons, Sara, SAINT TIM, Nea, Mike & Ann, Kim, Grey Horse, Stephen Andrew, Terry, Jean, Carol, Cloudia, Michaele, Martine, Michelle, Two French Bulldogs, Patrice, Nora, Kate, KC, Jo,  Nancy, Lily Hydrangea, Sharon, Susie, Ron & Jim, Spartacus Jones, Jill,Val, Ken Mac, Cyndi, Virginia, and the list goes on...*we will all miss Leontien*).  Not only that, it has been an education.  There of some of you that I touch base with every single day....feel that I have truly gotten to know you and look forward to having the opportunity to share your lives.  Thank you so much for hangin' in there with me...never thought anyone would be interested in my simple life here at Skoog Farm.  Love you guys, and have been thrilled to meet 5 of you in person...may that number grow.

Now for today....

As you can see in my SkyWatch post below, I woke up to this and grabbed some shots starting at 6:42.


 Per usual, the red sky did not last very long.  Had great hopes for a warm up.

 Did the chore thing ....
 and got ready to go down to Agape.  This is about the third week in a row we've been so busy we only made it there two times.  Better than nothing, that's for sure.
 On the way home I stopped at Weggies and could not resist taking a couple pictures at the fish counter.  They said I was not the only one.

 In the middle of the afternoon we had a little lake effect snow...can't disappear soon enough.
 Of course we had a fire going and after reading it turned into siesta time.
 I hope the temperature is higher tomorrow.
 Tucked in the girls at 5:45.

Not making supper.  Eggs and toast later.
Night all.


  1. Your sky shots are super, those stunning colours that fade. Lots of snow in so many areas, I look now on uberweather, as well at Wunderground. Do you get a "snow day" when you will not be able to travel to work?? Guess, like us, working at home doesn't qualify to have a day off!! Cheers from Jean.

  2. Hi Lori, when I looked before did I miss all those lovely words at the beginning?? A real milestone, and you can be so very,very proud of your posts, photos and news each day. Like you, it has given me eyes to the world, new friends, interests and dreams to travel and meet.I love reading about Skoog Farm, your news, life in another country, snowy days, and brilliant food pics!!May the number "5" be more . Fond greetings to you and yours, Jean.

  3. Such a sky! I esp. love that third shot, with the willowy branches against the dawn sky - so ethereal. And congratulations on your blog anniversary! WOW!

  4. Happy happy birthday! I love your blog so much. I read it like the evening post :) it's the first thing I do when I'm home from work. Cheers to many more years!

  5. Congratulations, Lori. You have so many reasons to be proud. . . not one missed day in five years! Holy moly!

    Gorgeous Sky Watch Friday photos. The weeping willow shot lured me in. If you look closely, you'll see me perched upon one of its branches. I'm wearing a blazing orange jumpsuit. :)

  6. Your Blog is a fav of mine - i may not comment all the time, but you can bet that Im checkin' in to see whats happening at Skoog Farm!

    Congrats on 5 YEARS of consistent QUALITY blogging...you are a Blogging Queen!!!!!

  7. Happy blog birthday!! Five years...wow. I feel like such a neophyte.

  8. Happy blog birthday Lori!!! Congrats on such a lovely reliable blog.

  9. Congratulations Lori! I love visiting here whenever I can.
    Beautiful skies, beautiful horses, beautiful art, amazing scenery, delicious suppers, what's not to like???
    Plus, your zest for a good life is always an inspiration, thank you friend!

  10. That's quite an accomplishment Lori -- I do try to post every day but on a few occasions I haven't. I even had a two week hiatus when I was not feeling well.

    I'm like Feral Woman -- I generally catch your post in my reader, but don't always comment. I do always enjoy, however. :)

  11. Congratulations! I could never commit to blogging everyday. I always enjoy hearing from you. And eggs and toast is a great supper!

  12. Happy Blogaversary! It's been a privilege following along.

  13. Five years.... time flies and I'm still interested in what you do each day!! ;)

    The first sky/tree photos are awesome!! Love your big trees.

    I'm ready for Spring, how about you? We've had the second coldest winter in 40 years. It's been brutal... hardly been outside at all.

  14. And we have LOVED getting to know you too!!!

    CSL and Saint Tim


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