Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ho Hum

 I guess this could be called a semi green day.  It was very cold and windy when I went out to the barn and the first thing my camera said was low battery.  Grabbed a couple morning shots from the house with my Canon.
Got myself organized, took a shower and went down to chorus.

 There was a lot of opportunity for drumming today.
 Greg brought his drum too....he plays on Saturdays with Khalid.
 I usually lug along a bag filled with a tambourine, sticks and my Turkish drum
 Got home and was out of gas from sitting by the fire and reading.  Finally gave up and took a nap.  I'm still not getting a good night's sleep as my ridiculous arm pain keeps waking me up.
Fortunately, Gary carries hot water out to the barn for me morning and night.  Got the girls set up for the night....
 They must get so sick of the wind.

Dinner was....you guessed it....pasta and a salad made with romaine, onion, tomatoes and avacado.
(Maybe Saint Tim would consider eating this one).
I think I really need some sunshine with a little heat.
Night all.


  1. nothing Ho or Hum about it!

    ALOHA from Waikiki!
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. Oh that last photo has me drooling:) Have a nice night snuggled in your warm bed it is cold these days. B

  3. There is a local group of people who do drumming. I heard them practising today in a hall. If I see them out and about during the summer I'll take some photos to show you.

  4. So do I! I'm trying to remember how much I wanted cold weather when it was 100 degrees this past June/July!

  5. I remember those ho-hum Rochester days!
    I didn't realize you were having trouble with your arm - I hope you get some relief.

  6. Hop down here Lori, most days we have on 30 Celsius after lunch, and at night from 11C to 17C, not cold at all, and way too hot to work outside. I am longing for cooler days. The cold weather is lethal to camera batteries, some people have a spare one tucked into their vest next to their skin, when out on a special photo shoot.Think I would give that a miss, and find a good strong pocket, lined & padded with warm fabric. Cheers from Jean.

  7. Sorry your arm is keeping you awake. That's no fun.

    It's snowing like crazy here. Maybe we'll get some green grass this year.

  8. Lori..what is wrong with the arm pain..did you have an injury??
    Love the shot of the two horses bums in the barn.

  9. I'd offer you some of our heat, but we don't have any either. I hope your arm feels better soon.

  10. I Bet you
    need.sone light and heat, me too gal!!
    If we get some more I'll save ya some!
    Hang in

  11. Argh...would there be a vinaigrette dressing on there??? What a way to ruin a PERFECTLY good salad ;-). The boy is complicated... Haha

  12. Sounds like a good day to me. Your girls look loved and snug in their blankies with lots of hay. :) Sure hope your arm stops bothering you and you're able to sleep! Thank you again for the info about the dressing Lori...just in case you have any wonderful recipes you feel like sharing, here's my email. :)
    Our weather has turned much cooler and wet as well. Spring's not too far away now though.

  13. Mmm hmm, your supper has my mouth watering as it always does when i look at your posts. And magnificent photos as always!


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