Monday, February 18, 2013

Outside My Windows...

 It was only 8 degrees this morning....mighty chillllllyyyyyy.

Put the hay in the paddock banking on the sun coming out....and it did.

 Gary went to Java for coffee and I met him at Agape around 10.  Squeaked out 1/2 of and extra minute on the elliptical today, so I was up to 21 1/2 minutes.
Made a quick stop at Wegmans (you must think I live there) and got home around 12:30.

After lunch I started making a batch of my veggie/barley soup.
 It was gorgeous outside and almost 30 degrees so I decided to show you what I could see out of all the windows in the downstairs.
 Looking north out of the kitchen window facing the driveway.

 Facing south (still in the kitchen).

The view when you are doing dishes (no dishwasher here other than Gary).

 Looking north...dining room.

 West from the living room.

South from the library.

 West from the library.

South from the bedroom.

 East from the bedroom (nice view of the barns).

West view from the living room.
 As you can see by the sun, it was chore time.

 There was a little melting going on and it's supposed to hit 40 tomorrow.
 Both girls had ice balls in their front feet...poor things.

 Saint Tim's favorite salad with bananas and oranges!
 Along with the soup I made earlier.  Great body and good flavor.

Night all.


  1. Nice shots out the windows. It's cold here too.

  2. Love the views from the windows. What a good idea. I might have to steal it.
    Very similar temps here. 11 tonight, 40 tomorrow.

  3. What a beautiful winter day you had --just like a postcard.

  4. Thanks for the tour Lori. It looks very pretty out your windows! Your post are always yummy too!

  5. Lovely tour, super views all round. I found a wonderful little book today when I was tidying up lots of papers, it has the conversion scale F to C, and WOW, you were surely cold at our -13.3Celsius .Hope you get some warmers days, and nights too, very soon. Cheers from jean.

  6. Loved the outside views from inside your home, Lori. Will your weather warm up sometime soon? I love the idea of bananas and oranges on a salad - for myself - a total waste on the men at the Guest House! Have a great day. Jo

  7. Love the lace curtain evening view but you have lots of wonderful things to see out your windows. Good job on the eliptical and how is the shoulder doing?

  8. I love the pictures looking out of the windows. When I get home that would be fun to do, too. The strange thing for me is that we have no view to the east, downstairs. The only window that looks that way, looks at the garage. I feel blind!
    Glad you are getting some warmer weather.

  9. Wonderful views! Such beauty everywhere you look. :) And as always, your supper looks divine! I think i can smell that delicious looking soup of yours!

  10. I'm jealous of all your windows. Downstairs is a basement on one side and because it is cement block and was once a garage no windows have been put in yet. Upstairs is all bedrooms so I don't see that light. Hopefully we'll get a few windows in the summer. I feel like I am in a box all the time. Enjoy your light!


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