Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm

Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm
“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Warm and muggy.
Gary ran a bunch of errands for me.
 Picked up this FREE  Japanese Maple at Country Max.
 I did not expect it to be so big.

Gary went to Jen's to paint...Carrie brought up some southwest chicken tacos.
 Another unexpected pleasure.
 Jen did chores.  Abbe still not ok.
 Gary worked in the garden and then helped me with my second round of physical therapy.
I'm shot.
Night all.


  1. A busy day--I hope Abbe gets better...

    Take care!!!

  2. Thanks for the garlic advice. Looks like I'll be pulling them out of the ground pronto. Sheesh.

  3. Very beautiful Bloodgood...BTW how is the Honeycrisp doing? I'd love to have one of those trees. Keep strong!

  4. So I guess I've been missing out on a lot! I've been scanning through your posts trying to figure out what happened to your knee and can't seem to find the start of the problem. I hope it's not too serious but it sounds like a lot of pain. So sorry I've been amiss.

  5. Hi Lori. I missed your blog the other day, sorry. Seeing your leg all wrapped up is bringing back a lot of memories. Adding on new exercises each time for PT, trying to sleep with pain meds, (had trouble doing that), not being able to take a shower. I couldn't take that. Wrapped my leg in a trash bag and took a shower anyway the first day home. Not being able to see my horse was really hard, (remind me to tell you a story about how that worked out, pretty funny). Anyway, hang in there and enjoy the good food; each day will get a little easier. I may be having my right knee done this fall. It's already bone on bone in half the knee. Get your rest and don't push it. I tried too much too soon and it wasn't good. Sounds like Gary and Jen are being fantastic.

  6. Beautiful tree. Hope Abbe's leg heals soon.

  7. So sorry to hear that Abbe is not getting better. I'm thinking of you both, and sending my best wishes.

  8. Take it easy, mm? It takes time to get that body back in shape after surgery. Hope Abbe takes it easy, too!


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