Friday, August 29, 2008


Is this interesting or what?  First of all, you knew he would have to do something that would grab the attention away from Obama as soon as possible...which he did.  Now as for his choice, how can anyone talk about what candidate has enough experience?  As far as I am concerned, McCain's "maverick" move was a sign of desperation.  I'm not sure of the point he was making...if he wanted a woman on the ticket, there were many Republicans with far more experience.  Does he really think the women of this country can't tell the difference between her and a Hillary (who has 1000% more experience and strength).  I hope people will vote for the best candidate, not just for gender.  What's next?


  1. Does McCain want to lose? I hope so. That would just be too easy. I live in Missouri and we are really pushing hard to register voters in our area. It is tough in the "show me state" sometimes. I am hearing great feedback after Barack Obama's speech. My husband shook his hand Tuesday when he spoke at the American Airlines overhaul base. They were all very impressed.

  2. Lori - "They" say McCain needed a So-Con to bolster his standing with the COnservative Base. I love theater, but too much melodrama dilutes.

  3. I've been waiting all day for your post...I knew you wouldn't let this one get away. :) Remember, I am so non-political it will make you sad...really, my biggest concern is getting the boys to lift the seat when they pee...I guess with so many kids I just have too many things to fix in my own home to worry about fixing the country...I hope that doesn't disappoint you. Anyhow, not sure if he did the right thing or not...whatever...but I tell you, people will love her. You'll have to listen to her talk. There is something so wholesome and captivating about that woman that people listen. I don't want to lose her as my Governor, that's for sure. So politics aside, really I mean that, she's a really cool lady. (My Grandma was a hard-core Democrat back in the day...always entertaining hopefuls, and my parents were kind of political...I think that is why I steered away from it so much).


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