Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hey Gayle, do you recognize this guy????  The Mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska (a Republican) who is supporting Obama.  

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  1. I do! That is Whitaker. He owns a art gallery with his wife here in town. One time we did a fundraiser for hockey where for a $25 donation we would place a flamingo in the yard of your choice. The person then had to pay $25 to have the flamingo moved to another yard. My husband's boss is good friends with the former Mayor so they sent him a flamingo. The kids and I crept into his yard and left it. It really was a fun fundraiser, and we made about $400 doing it. Most people are good sports and donate to the kids...we only had one person be really, really rude. Mr. Whitaker was a good sport and sent the flamingo on! :) See how little I know...didn't realize he was still in the political circle. I did vote today, though, so that should make you proud. :) And I even watched the recap of the Democratic Convention after the kids went to bed. I assume there must be a Republican one as well? I really know so little (by choice). I am trying to become a bit more informed although voting for President from Alaska is a little silly. We really don't count for much. I am more interested in our seats in Congress and such. We have very little influence on the President. (Although it seems with our location we get visits...I know Reagan was here, and Bush was here a few weeks ago). Okay...sorry for the long comment, but I saw my name and got excited! :) Hee hee. I'm sending some coffee from the North Pole to you and Gary. Sounds corny, doesn't it? Hope you like it.


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