Wednesday, July 30, 2008


First we drove through the countryside on our way to Higbies (a feed store) where I bought a big bag of beet pulp for the horses.  Then we hit the Clover Pool store where I got a container of Renew for the hot tub...what a rip!  $31.00!!!!  We weren't too far from Glen Darach Farm, so we continued North and dropped off 4 CDs that I burned for Andrea...fine tunes.  One of the kids who rides at our indoor happened to be taking a lesson.  On the way home we stopped at the Welcome Center to see if there were any new boats docked, and Phoebe went in for a drink of water.  Things went downhill after that.  As I headed for home, I started having difficulty shifting gears in the car...then it would not shift at all.  I turned it off, put it in first and was able to coast into a repair shop (interestingly enough, it is the place I always take my car).  What are the odds of that happening?  I asked for a ride to the farm, as my car was not going anywhere, and Gary was long gone to Bemus Point for the auction.  So, a kind young man loaded my 50# bag of beet pulp into a truck, I got all my bags and Phoebe, and we were driven home.  Now I am stranded!!!


  1. So sorry about your car. Did i mention that Phoebe (not to mention DJ)needs an agent? And, goggles!

  2. Isn't it uncanny that you feel 'stranded' without a car EVEN if you had NO plans to go anywhere? It happened so many times to me in the past(those were lean days) and I just hated not having the OPTION of mobility when I lived in a rural area at the time.


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