Thursday, July 31, 2008


About 10:45pm I got into the house after giving this horse a bath in the grooming room.  He is covered with hives from his barrel to his head and it seems to be a reaction to something.
I have given him two rounds of Benedryl and will go back out to see if it has started to work.
Thoroughbreds are so thin skinned.  He was not too excited about leaving the other horses but I did get through it. When I give a horse a bath, I prefer to do it with a sponge and usually only hose them when they are very hot and sweaty after a ride.  When I finished rubbing him down with a couple of towels he went out and rolled in the dirt to dry himself off.  I hope I don't need to call the vet.. don't need one more bill at this time.


  1. Hi Lori,
    Speaking of bills, we are paying around ten dollars per gallon for gas at the moment. We try and use trains and bike/walk when we can, but we have just made a long car journey to an airpot in the south to fly to England for my grandmother's 100th birthday. As there were going to be 6 of us travelling home from the airport, it was cheaper to use the car.

  2. Oh I hope he is ok too!
    Hope the Benedryl works for him! Would it be from the sun or the heat and had a reaction from it.
    I also had to give Benedryl to my oldest girl Megan,She was saying her tummy hurt and was feeling sick. I knew it was from the heat so I gave it to her and today shes feeling a lot better I called the wal-mart pharmacy and asked them if I could give it to her and they said yes I can even before she goes out in the sun or the heat Did you know you can give them a flinstone vitamin a day and that will help too and even carrots I love the wal-mart pharmacy they are very helpful! Im going to try this and see how shes feeling
    Heheheheh So give him a Multivatamin a day and feed him more yummy carrots
    Hope this helps him too!

  3. Is that On Target or Berlin? Hope he is better.

    And, $1100 for a clutch???

    The Cruiser perfecetly fits my image of you!


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